“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”
                                                                  -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

It was a dark and dreary afternoon as the countess made her way past the guitar
statue on Congress Avenue, just outside the Frost Bank Building. She stopped to
observe and admire the intricacies of the artist’s design. The uneasy questioning
feeling that she had been carrying with her increased with each moment spent
while she admired this musical artwork masterpiece. She only knew that she had
to find the solution to these questions and that she would find them at end of the
race. She must solve this mystery and put it to rest. To do that, she must jump in
with both feet and get to the start on time.

  • Are you shrewd enough to take the countess’s advice and jump into the Cloak & Dagger Race?
  • Do you have the makings of a world class detective?
  • Can you solve difficult challenges? 
  • Are you observation skills keen? 
  • Do you have the physical prowess to navigate the city in a race to catch the criminal? 
  • Can you outwit your competition in order to be the first one to solve the mystery?

If you can, then you must sign up for the cloak & Dagger race.

It is a race of two-person teams, each traveling their own route, on foot or by
bus, to checkpoints around the city. At each check point you will demonstrate
skills necessary to prove that you are the best detective. In order to collect the
information for you to solve the mystery, you will travel between 3-6 miles. The
keenest and fastest sleuths should finish the course in under two hours. The course
will close at the five hour mark.

The beneficiary of this race is the Travis County Food Bank!