Welcome to registration for the Cloak & Dagger Race, this is a 3 part process!

Part 1: Creating Team and Payment
A: Create New Two Person Team.
B: The person creating the team (Team Captain) will pay for the entire team.
C: Team Registration dates:

  • December 31- $90.00 + administrative fee
  • January 1- February 28- $100.00 + administrative fee
  • March 1-29- $110.00 + administrative fee
  • Race day Registration- $125.00+ administrative fee

D: If errors are noticed then edit team information. If you don’t find any errors, then proceed to pay now. Enter payment data then submit!

Part 2: Post Payment and Registration
When payment has been successfully processed. You have successfully created your team! Click “Register” to continue.

This is where Team Captain enters their personal information.

NOTE: If this is a co-ed team be sure to mark co-ed category!
Once captain has entered their date, then click finish! Team Captain is now registered!

Part 3: Email Confirmation and 2nd Member Registration
Once registered, an e-mail will be sent to the Team Captain with a link allowing the registration of the second team member.

To register the 2nd member, the Captain may:

1.) Open the link in the e-mail and complete the process for the 2nd member


2.) Forward the e-mail to 2nd member and have them open the link to complete their

WARNING: You MUST use the link from e-mail to avoid duplicate charges!


To register for the Cloak & Dagger Race, please click on the button below!