The Mystery

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” - Agatha Christie

Teams of 2 will receive their mystery challenge at 12:00pm.

  1. Teams will then go to the various check-points in any order to solve the murder  mystery.
  2. Teams may use (you will want to) outside assistance in solving the clues…friends, computer, crime lab, old issues of CSI, Nancy Drew books.
  3. Teams will need to bring digital cameras, or really high quality phones with picture taking capabilities.
  4. Teams will be asked to demonstrate a variety of skills that are critical for master detectives.
  5. Once your team has gone to all of the check points and completed the challenges you should have the necessary information to solve our mystery.
  6. The first team to complete all of the check points, solve the mystery, return to the finish line and have photos and challenges verified will be declared the winner.